Management information is your compass and feedback loop

Without keeping focused and closely monitoring the results of your actions as you progress on your strategic pathway, your business risks becoming lost – operating like a ship without a rudder. A feedback loop is required to ensure you are on track and to let you know when to change tack and flex.

Today’s technology tools provide the ability to access a wealth of data. Whilst of huge use in the consumer behavior arena, the risk from a business management agenda is that too much data may lead to confusion, excessive reporting and a loss of energy and focus on the critical few things that really matter. It can become difficult to see the wood from the trees.

Keeping track of progress

We help our clients to understand the performance measures that really matter in tracking their agenda and to develop focused management reporting aligned to that.

We work with our clients in the following areas;

Strategy mapping

Developing the right portfolio of key performance indicators (leading and lagging) that map to your strategy and the delivery initiative program. The “measures that matter” for your business.

Focusing and simplifying management information reporting

We help ensure you have focused management information – with the right information going to the right people at the right time. This includes early warning systems that show when you may be going off course.

Strategy delivery progress reviews

We undertake periodic independent ,objective reviews of the progress made on the strategy delivery agenda. This includes an internal gaze (assessing progress and the challenges) and external gaze (assessing relevant market changes) and providing advice as appropriate.

"Stay focused…..take care to avoid the noise and distractions that can blur your picture."