Why your business needs a clear strategy?

Businesses in all sectors are increasingly faced with many pressures and challenges from multiple angles. Markets and competitors are moving faster than ever. Customers have choice and more and more they are being presented with alternate offers from new competitors and alternate business models.
How do you plan to succeed and thrive in this environment? Will you win through differentiation of product or service, or by being the low cost provider?

A crystal clear strategy, embraced by those who lead the business, allows you to retain a clear head and focus and to manage through the noise and the storms and win the game on your terms.

Those without clear strategic direction will become lost and perish. Those adopting “me too” strategies will merely survive at best.

Developing and crystallising winning strategies...

leveraging proven and robust methodologies and focusing on our clients’ core values forms the basis of the Mackenzie & Noble service offering.

Our standard approach includes 3 inter-related stages. An objective and independent assessment of your business situation, a series of strategy workshops, and the development of clear outputs and a plan to cascade through the business.


We undertake an initial objective and independent assessment of your current plans, the dynamics of your markets, and the relative strengths & weaknesses of your business. This independent challenge creates the energy and thinking that catalyses effective strategic planning workshops.


We facilitate a series of workshop sessions to develop the right plan for your business. Within this we make use of select tools and methodologies to assist. At the end of the sessions working together we will have crystallised the “why” (…the core purpose of the business) the “what” ( your ambitions for the business are and what success looks like) and “how” (you are going to make it happen).


Strategy delivery relies on your team being engaged with and motivated by your plans. We support you in preparing clear and concise outputs and cascading the messages through the business.

Hear what our clients are saying:

“Mackenzie & Noble led us through a strong and robust methodology enabling us to set a clear direction for our business with clarity over the major initiatives to make it happen. We enjoyed working with them through a very effective process”.