How we help you deliver

We help deliver results for our clients by providing experienced professionals to lead key programs of work and by providing supplementary resources to expand your capability and complement your internal team.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For businesses looking to grow or diversify through m&a activity our services include pre and post-deal support.

Predeal we can help identify and assess potential opportunities, support your due diligence activities, and your initial integration planning.

Post deal our services include the development of fuller integration plans and managing/ supporting the execution of those integration plans and delivery of synergistic benefits as appropriate.

Divestment and Sale

For businesses looking to divest/sell some or all of their business elements, we can support you with the development of your information memorandum, the consideration of potential buyers, and the process of engaging with the market to assess interest levels.

Customer Retention and Revenue Growth

The customer is king/queen! They will stay with you or move to you only if your product/ service offering meets their needs and desires. We help our clients develop and implement targeted growth and customer retention plans.

Our services include researching and analysing your customer base to let you objectively hear the objective “voice of the customer. We help you to see the early warning signals and to develop appropriate retention strategies. We help you to understand the unmet need of your customer base, as input to your product development strategies.

We help you identify new revenue pool opportunities and to develop and implement plans to acquire new clients and business in these new target client segments.

Operating Model Transformation

The digital agenda is moving apace and traditional operating models are being fundamentally challenged and in some cases, blown apart. A continual review and evolution of your operating model is vital to remain competitive on both cost and service.

We work with our clients to assess their current operating models, to develop new target operating models, and to effect the change required to transition to the new model and realise the benefits. We implement digital transformation.

Hear what our clients are saying:

"We were delighted with the support and working style of Mackenzie & Noble. Their experience, pragmatism and results orientation were critical to us achieving the desired outcomes."